Praetorians FAQ/Strategy Guide

This FAQ is a guide to the video game, Praetorians. This guide focuses on the single-player game, with detailed campaign walkthroughs and discussion of strategies.

  1. Preface – Author’s notes, credits, legal statement, and FAQ version.
  2. Introduction – Game information, requirements, and patches.
  3. Gameplay – Answers to common gameplay questions, covering interface, unit training and usage, buildings, and multiplayer.
  4. Strategies – Topics include Strategy Introduction, General Tactics, Romans, Barbarians, Egyptians, and Skirmish and Multiplayer.
  5. Campaign – Complete campaign walkthrough: Tutorial I, Tutorial II, Tutorial III, Tutorial IV, Crossing the River Arar, Escort to Bibracte, Of All the Gallic Tribes, Divide and Conquer, The Everlasting Frontier, A Land Lost in the Mist, Greed, Fear the Eagles, Cold Treason, When All Hell Breaks Loose, He Who Dares…, Homecoming, War of Attrition, Alea Iacta Est, War Within the Mountains, Let the Hunt Begin, The End of the Republic, The Battle for Alexandria, Friends and Allies, and Just One… More… Fight.
  6. Editing and Technical Issues – Cheats, editors, and solutions to common technical problems.
  7. Appendices – Data tables covering unit abilities and training, terrain, and the soundtrack.

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