Jumpgate Quantar Religious Archive

Introduction (Out of Character)

This section contains a collection of religious texts, written as background material for the game Jumpgate. The material here was all specific to the EU server. The closure of the EU server at the end of June 2005 makes this archive of little practical use. However, it is my intention to keep these documents online for historical interest, and a very personal reminder for a small group of individuals.

Some material is written by me, but the majority is the work of others, notably AgamenonWhen-Gunaydin, Bheliom, Ser_Arris and Aves. Most of these texts were formerly available at QUEST, and have been shamelessly stolen and placed here following the “destruction” of that university. (QUEST was subsequently put back online.) Thanks to Gloomash for additional translation and text finding.

Little background to the Quantar religion was formally released by Netdevil, in spite of the Quantar being characterised as a deeply religious race. This gap in source material was eventually filled by texts written by different players, starting with the First Book of Hamalzah. This was first written in German by Ser_Arris, Bheliom and Aves, and added by Mightygames to EU’s JOSSH. This gave it a semi-official status in the eyes of some. Others argued that the First Book, with its stereotypical tales of good and evil, didn’t reflect how Quantar religion had originally been envisaged. Subsequently many of the other texts found here were also added to JOSSH.

Subsequent texts are broadly based on the characterizations within the First, and these versions are now widely regarded as, well, “gospel”. Ironically, such a pattern is not unknown with more conventional religious texts. What is presented here should not be regarded as the only form the religion may take.

Texts (In Character)

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