Jumpgate – Building the Perfect Missile

Note that Morning Stars are now made with a new set of commodities. The post below is still a good example of how proportions vary within production, even if the details are now different.

First posted in 2000 on PlanetJumpgate, by Iceman:

“The newest Version of Jumpgate employs an ‘interdependent’ economy, which is quite different from the way it used to work. Previously the program checked station inventory and other factors to determine its output of new items.Then these items basically just showed up. Pretty self-explanatory, but also somewhat unrealistic. All this has changed now and to illustrate how the new system works, let’s take a look at everybody’s favorite missile – the Morningstar. This very complex item requires a lot of different parts to be build. So, let’s break them down.

Morningstar Missile

  • 0.04 Molybdenum
  • 0.02 RAM*
  • 0.02 CPU*
  • 0.02 Electronics*
  • 0.04 Fuel Cell*
  • 1.2 Explosives*
  • 0.4 Synthetics*

Looks simple at first glance, right? Well, it’s not. See the components with an asterisk behind them? They in turn require different parts to be constructed.


  • 0.1 Copper
  • 0.3 Silicon


  • 0.2 Germanium
  • 0.1 Indium
  • 0.05 Silver
  • 0.3 Silicon


  • 0.1 Aluminum
  • 0.1 Copper
  • 0.05 Gold
  • 0.2 Silicon
  • 0.05 Chemicals

Fuel Cell

  • 0.1 Gallium
  • 0.1 Phosphorus
  • 0.2 Silicon
  • 0.2 Chemicals


  • 0.2 Barium
  • 0.2 Magnesium
  • 0.1 Chemicals


  • 0.1 Chromium
  • 0.1 Silicium
  • 0.1 Zinc
  • 0.1 Carbon
  • 0.2 Chemicals

Stations will periodically check the stocked amounts needed for each item it wants to build. Depending on the results it will then change prices according to its demand and – if necessary – generate missions to ensure future availability. The lower the stock – the higher the price it pays. This creates some interesting and potentially lucrative opportunities for the savvy pilot. By closely observing a stations trade patterns you might be able to predict its needs and act accordingly, i.e. deliver items before anyone else does and get the best price!

As you can see, the station (and, by default, your faction) depends on the pilots to keep its economy booming. As a logical result of this system your faction needs your services more than ever. Special rewards and honors will be bestowed upon those who contribute above and beyond the call of duty.

Why is this change so significant?

It has been our intention from the beginning to involve the pilots in all aspects of the game. Every action should influence the development of the universe in a logical and sensible way.

The main goal is three-fold: To prosper as a pilot, to ensure your factions survival and to contribute to the overall reconstruction initiative – in that order. If that means to keep somebody from changing sector beacons, blockding Jumpgates and other actions that are detrimental to you/your faction/TRI, so be it.

Combat between factions is not always avoidable, but a pilot with valuable cargo on board will probably try to get away rather than dukeing it out and risking a huge loss. And this is why: By delivering your cargo, you fulfill all three of your goals.

  1. It increases your prosperity and standing as a pilot.
  2. It strengthens your factions economy.
  3. It contributes to the overall reconstruction effort.”

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