This page contains economy tools, data and articles, and maps for the former online game Jumpgate.

Resources for Global (former US) Server

  • Jumpgate Shipper Widget (ZIP, 60KB) – Manipulates static data related to Jumpgate’s economy. It includes information on items, station production and demands, station-to-station transport links, production usage and requirement flowcharters, profit margins, even a cycle timer. It is available in English for the global (former US) servers. The widget requires Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla (Firefox, Netscape 6+, etc), or Opera 7+, with JavaScript enabled. Current version v7.02, 19 August 2005. Help FAQ. Raw code (HTML/Javascript).
  • DB for JGRot Pro – Files are designed for use in the DB data section of JGRot Pro. They allow static information on commodities, equipment, spacecraft, stations, ore, flux, medals and ranks to be displayed in JGRot Pro’s in-game console. Download the latest version – v7.02, 19 August 2005, global (former US) server archive (ZIP, 80KB).
  • Prices.txt for JG Ship Creator (mirror) – Current list of base prices, suitable for import into Jumpgate Ship Creator. 14 June 2005.
  • Jumpgate Jargon – Lexicon of jargon frequently heard on English channels of Jumpgate.
  • Cargo Pilots’ Map of Jumpgate – Map shows, at a glance, distances between gates along common trade routes. Does not include Conflux space. PDF. 84KB.

Older Resources

These archive resources are redundant – either due to substantial code changes in the game, or due to the shutdown of Mightygames’ EU server at the end of June 2005.