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1.1 Notes

Imperium Galactica was, in my opinion, a beautifully quirky space strategy game. Part galactic strategy, part real time combat, part colony building, part adventure story. Ambitious and not entirely successful. The manual introduced some features, tried to guide the player through the first missions, and gave some technical help; but never got into any depth. Given its storyline driven nature, and general complexity of the game, Imperium Galactica needs an FAQ more than most games. I could only find basic hint/cheat documents, including notes by Peter Knutsen ( ) and a draft FAQ by “Gorshcov S E” (although I have not seen the text). So I started writing this. This FAQ aims to introduce key concepts within the game, guide you through the ranks to Grand Admiral, consider different strategies, and provide a limited reference work on things like planets, buildings, equipment, and spacecraft. It is based on the patched European English (UK) version, with additional material based on the US and Hungarian version. I’m not aware of any gameplay variations between versions released in different parts of the world.

1.2 Credits and Legal

This FAQ was written by Tim Howgego (also known as timski), copyright 2003-6, unless otherwise stated. This FAQ includes ideas and strategies posted on, other forums including Infogrames’, and contained in a semi-official hint list by Mega Products ( ) – contributors are noted with the relevant text.

This FAQ is in the public domain: You may copy and repost this FAQ, but the content of the document, including the credits, must remain unchanged. Informing the author that you are hosting it is appreciated, but not mandatory. Ensuring you host the most recent version is also appreciated, but not mandatory. If converting from text to HTML, please note the use of fixed width text in diagrams and greater/less-than characters. Imperium Galactica (TM) (c) 1997 GT Interactive Software Corp. Other trademarks and copyright are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This is not an official FAQ. It is not endorsed by the game’s developers or publishers.

1.3 Version

This is version 1.05.1, 14 December 2006. Formatting and link update.

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