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3.8.1 How do I research things?

Research is only available at Commander rank and higher. Research is managed via the Research screen (F6). Most items need to be researched before you can build or produce them. There are four factors in research:

  • Pre-requisite technology (if any, completed to start)
  • Science level (met or exceeded to finish)
  • Credit cost
  • Time

In some cases you need a pre-requisite technology to commence research. Where any pre-requisite is not met, the item will appear with a red “X” across the image. In order to complete research you need to meet or exceed the science level for the item. Science level relates to the number of Dev. Centres of each of the five types (Civ, Mech, Comp, AI, Mil) you own. For example, to complete Fighter 3 technology, you need at least 1 Mech, 2 Comp, 2 AI and 2 Mil Dev. Centres. You can only have one Dev. Centre per planet – this is the primary limitation on research. Research is aggregated across all the Dev. Centres in your empire. Ensure that they are fully supplied with energy and workers to maximise research speed. Specific research projects also requires credits, and time. You can opt to rush research by increasing the amount of money allocated (use the button with two arrows on it towards the bottom left of the Research screen to alter money allocation). Items that need researching are indicated on most screens with a small disk icon. If the disk is spinning, it is currently being researched. Research for which you meet any pre-requisites, but do not meet the all science level (Dev. Centre) requirements, can be started, but not finished. When you gain the additional requirements, you can restart research where you left off. Research that you can start, but not currently finish, is shown with “!” next to the disk icon.

3.8.2 If a Dev. Centre is destroyed, do I keep existing research?

Yes, once you have researched something, you cannot forget it. Dev. Centres are expensive, but there may be times when demolishing one can allow important research to be completed without taking control of a new planet. If you lose one of your planets, former research won’t disappear; although this may prevent current research from being completed.

3.8.3 What units are research times in?

One unit of research time is equal to ten minutes of game time.

3.8.4 What science level and requirements are needed for new research? Is there a technology tree?

These are included in the appendices – Research Science Level Requirements and Technology Tree.

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