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3.9.1 What types of aliens are there?

Here is a list, with descriptions and notes on location, map colour, special vehicles and strengths:

  • Alliance of Free Traders (AFT): “Once part of the Old Empire, the traders left to create a new empire for themselves. They are a peaceful race of traders and enjoy good relations with Ychoms.” Human race. Colour: blue. Map location: centre middle.
  • Dargslans: “Very little is known about the Dargslans. Intelligence reports show that they have extremely powerful ground attack forces, as well as a competent space fleet.” Colour: dark green. Map location: top middle. Special vehicle: Auto-Repair Tank. Expand by invasion, not colonization. Although Auto-repair tanks are pretty tough, they rarely deploy them in volume. The main Dargslans ground advantage seems to be an uncanny ability to deploy all their forces right in front of yours at the start of a battle.
  • Dribs: “The Dribs are a proud race, with advanced knowledge of mechanics and architecture. They have known of the Dargslan race for a long time, since the Dargslans occupied some Drib territory.” Colour: purple. Map location: top left. Start very close to human colonies and are boxed into a corner. Very slight Human expansion normally causes them to attack planets like Earth.
  • Ecaleps: “With the rapid expansion of their empire, tax revenue has increased to a very high level. This partially explains their obsession with money…” Colour: light green. Map location: bottom right. Special vehicle: Anti-missile tank (immune to Rocket Sled attacks).
  • Free Nations Society (FNS): “Once part of the Old Empire, they declared themselves independent a long time ago. The Free Nations Society has developed rapidly, occupying territories with ease. The Society is well known for their arrogant attitude and contempt for the Empire.” Human race. Colour: dark blue. Map location: centre right.
  • Garthogs: “The Garthogs are a contemptible and un-trustworthy race, who implant their young with bio-mechanical devices. They have a special interest in mechanics and are renowned for stealing the technology of other races. It is rumored that they destroyed an entire race, known as the Nubs, to obtain their secrets. The Garthog Empire is close to the Human Empire and there has been conflict for 10 years.” Colour: red. Map location: centre bottom. Special vehicle: Radar Jammer (disables your radar in battle). Aggressive early in the game.
  • Morgaths: “The Morgaths are an insular and hostile race….” Colour: white. Map location: bottom left. Special vehicle: Kamikaze tank.
  • Sulleps: “The Sulleps are a warlike race with a very strict social structure. From a very young age, Sulleps are subjected to military training. Such is their code of combat, it is more honourable for them to die in battle than surrender. ” Colour: Yellow. Map location: bottom middle. Special vehicle: Mobile artillery. May be aggressive early in the game unless they attack the Morgaths first. They favour ground combat. Starts with the joint largest number of colonies (10, joint with Dargslans).
  • Ychoms: “A peaceful trader race that enjoys good relations with Alliance of Free Traders…” Colour: cyan. Map location: centre left. Special vehicle: Mine-laying saucer. Vessels are weak, planetary defenses fairly strong.

3.9.2 How strong are alien forces?

The table shows the typical firepower values of alien vessels, and typical orbital defenses, at the time you can first meet them (December 3427 for most, two months earlier for Garthogs). This table is intended to give an indication of relative combat strengths, not an absolute guide:

Comparison of Unit Strenght
Race Ship Firepower Orbital Defense
Flagship Destroyer/Cruiser Base Gun
AFT 285s ? 2/3 Meson
Dargslans 1060s 445s 2/3 Meson
Dribs 580s 410 2 Plasma
Ecaleps 760s ? 2 Meson
FNS 595s 345 2/3 Plasma
Garthogs 145 30 1 Ion
Morgaths 430 ? 1/2 Plasma
Sulleps 675s 360s 2 Plasma
Ychoms 340 115 1/2 Meson
Captain 30s 1 Ion
Commander 300s 100s 1 Plasma
G Admiral 1200s 920s 3 Meson


  • s = Vessel typically has shields.
  • Empire rank values reflect what you should be able to equip by the end of the rank.

3.9.3 What do the relationship numbers mean?

Numbers on the diplomacy table indicate how ‘good’ relations are between aliens, from 0 (hate) to 100 (harmony). Values below 20 make war likely, values above 80 are often associated with alliances. War status is shown as red on the table, alliances shown in white.

3.9.4 What do the diplomacy options mean?

You can talk to alien ambassadors at any time, except for a short period after you last talked to them (they will be shown yellow on the diplomacy screen if this is the case). If you select a screen and then decide not to pick any option on it, click the right mouse button to go back. Some or all of these options will be available:

  • Negotiate diplomatic relations: Determines whether you adopt a humble, neutral, or aggressive stance in negotiations.
  • Offer credits: Donate money.
  • Improve trade relations: Trade is primarily a method of integrating societies by sharing goods, rather than contributing credits.
  • Forge alliance against…: Allows formation of alliance against non-Dargslan races. You cannot form an alliance against anyone you are already allied with.
  • Demand surrender: Occasionally works against enemies you are on the verge of destroying. Obviously if you agree to surrender to another alien it is game over.
  • Unite forces against the Dargslans: Allows formation of an alliance against the Dargslans.

From time to time other alien races may contact you to propose one of these options, or ask for money. When they are attempting to contact you, an exclamation mark (“!”) will be displayed next to the race name on the diplomacy screen.

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