Imperium Galactica – Cheating and Editing

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6.1 What are the cheat codes?

From GT’s former site: “While in the game hold down SHIFT, and type KAROLY. This will activate the cheat codes. Then just hit the correct key to activate a cheat. The following is a list of keys and what they will do:

  • C = All colonies and inventions
  • C = Second time gives you cheats on planets
  • V = +100,000 credits
  • 5 = Lieutenant
  • 6 = Captain
  • 7 = Commander
  • 8 = Admiral
  • 9 = Grand Admiral

There are some side effects to using cheat codes. For instance, When the cheat codes are activated in IG there are some minor graphical glitches in the lower left hand corner of the game. These appear to be 4 flashing ‘0’s stacked on top of each other. Also the story line gets out of whack if you skip levels. If you increase your rank to 5, you will see the map to the whole galaxy. If you move your fleet to an area you are not supposed to be in yet, and reduce your rank back to 1, you will lose your fleet.”

6.2 Are there any editors available?

Yes. An editor was written by David Scouten at ZoneSoft Software, called “IGEdit”, which allows changes to things like credits and known research. The most recent version is 1.36, size approximately 75KB.

A smaller (1KB) file is available for the UGE game editor, written by dark88, which gives additional cash. Both are available from various cheat sites.

6.3 How do I hex edit a saved game?

From Ron Blue: “Before you do this you should have made and saved to the planet under the equipment option seven fighter, seven tanks, and seven radar cars. The number seven is rare so this is likely to help you avoid problems but three would work also. First make two copies of a saved file under two different names. Next run your xtree program or ztree [I assume any hex editor will work here]. Now load up the save file which is the last one you just made. Now search for the name of a planet that has a spaceport.

For discussion lets assume you did this for New Caroline: Search through the file until the name shows up. You now have found the New Caroline section in the save file. You will notice that 07 00 00 00 00 00 will show up early in the file and that other patterns of 07 00 00 00 exist. The first 07 is the number of fighters you have stored at the space port at the planet New Caroline.

Go to the 07 and type in FF 20. You now have about 9000 fighters if you saved the file as this time. There are a total of six types of fighters that you will research and develop. Therefore, you can go ahead and change:

07 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 to FF 20 FF 20 FF 20 FF 20 FF 20 FF 20

You now have about 9000 fighters of each type that will show up as you research and develop them at the planet New Caroline.

Now look for the next 07. This will be seven tanks. Therefore change:

07 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 to FF 20 FF 20 FF 20 FF 20

You now have about 9000 tanks of each of the four types which will show up as soon as you have researched and developed them.

The next 07 is seven radar cars. Therefore change:

07 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 to FF 20 FF 20 FF 20 FF 20

You now have about 9000 radar cars and missile cars of different types. Save the file after escaping from the edit option.

Now run the program Imperium Galactica and go the equipment part under the planet New Caroline. You will notice that you have hundreds of fighters, tanks and radar cars at New Caroline. Delete all of them under each category which will give you about 9000 for each category. They will be stored under your general account. You will need the tanks and fighters to win the game quickly. Sell the radar cars for 10,000 under the production part of the program. Your income can be as high as 99 million. Remember the extra equipment that you have given yourself will only show up after you have developed the new equipment.”

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