Imperium Galactica FAQ

This FAQ is a guide to the video game Imperium Galactica. Imperium Galactica is a space-based strategy game. Given its storyline driven nature, and general complexity of the game, Imperium Galactica needs an FAQ more than most games. This guide contains answers to general strategy and gameplay questions, and a complete walkthrough.

  1. Preface – Author’s notes, credits, legal statement, and FAQ version.
  2. Introduction – Game information, requirements, patches, and versions.
  3. Gameplay – Answers to common gameplay questions. Topics include Setup, Interface, Important Concepts, Colonies and Buildings, Combat, Fleets and Equipment, Taxation and Morale, Research, and Aliens and Diplomacy.
  4. Walkthrough – Complete walkthrough by rank: Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Admiral, and Grand Admiral.
  5. Strategies – Includes strategies and tactics for combat, fleets, and empire building.
  6. Cheating and Editing – Contains cheat codes and editors.
  7. Technical Issues – Solutions to common errors and technical problems, including Windows 2000/XP compatibility.
  8. Appendices – Data covering planets, research requirements, and the technology tree.

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