Hardwar – Cartographer’s Observations

Off the wall observations made while creating the Hardwar maps. Don’t take all these observations too seriously 😉 .

The New Age

Close to the eastern crater wall of Downtown, just north of the old Port tunnel, lies Hardwar’s new age circle.

Had Hardwar achieved cult status, amateur philosophers might have mused upon the deep cultural significance of the circle. In 1990s Britain ancient stone circles, synonymous with pre-Christian mysticism, mixed with environmentalism under the banner of a ‘new age’ religion. And so Hardwar’s circle of stones has Downtown Recycling at its centre.

But look all around the circle and you see vacant property. Hardwar’s greed has evidently rebelled against this new age, and deserted it. And what of Vacant 0022, which sits above Downtown Recycling? Presumably the residents of Titan are awaiting a new god.

L is for Lazarus

Uncle Lazarus has a media presence that would put the average cola company to shame. Everywhere you look his symbol catches your eye.

Good marketing; or a big ego? The truth lies in the Lazarus Mine Ore Proc, in the mines crater. Only an ego would design a building that displays the Lazarus corporate footprint when viewed from above.

Dig Your Own

The Klamp-G Mine does not trade with the public. At least not from the mine’s hangar. But drop down under the Klamp-G mining complex, just below Air Purifier M, and you will find the entrance to the main mine shaft. Ease your craft up to the coal face, fire and wait for the minerals to start appearing before your eyes…

…oh; and wish you had an asteroid mining laser. Oops; wrong game. Damn.

Fear of Three

Port has no pirates’ hangars. The terminal knows why. Every other crater or cave has two small hangars, hidden away on the ground or on the crater wall. Secluded, they are normally inhabited by pirates.

The exception is Midway, which has three such hangars. Why? The answer lies with the landlord of the Shanty Inn in Haven. But he would not even serve me a drink. Maybe you can find out for me?

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