Hardwar – Maps

Are you lost in the fog of Downtown? Still can not find Bill Moritz? Or maybe you are envious at cab drivers’ ability to blindly fly straight towards a target without first making reference to a nearby building?

I was. I could not. I am.

So I set about mapping the craters of Saturn moon Titan (Misplaced Optimism), creating a map for Hardwar which is detailed enough to be useful to even the most experienced pilot. The map shows the relative location of every hangar, important structure and navigational hazard. It also features simplified relief, water masses and tunnels.

Vector Maps

The free Acrobat Reader may be required to view the files. Updated to U3 beta 5.

  • Full Screen v1.3 – This map of Titan is designed for on-screen viewing. To find a specific building use Acrobat’s Edit-Find command. PDF. 150KB.
  • Atlas v1.3 – This map of Titan is designed to be printed. PDF. 205KB.

Interactive Hardwar Navigation Terminal

The terminal combines maps and data on hangars, with how I think the Hardwar navigation terminal should have been. Features include the ability to search for buildings, show information about them, highlight manufacturers and suppliers of things, with trade routes, and calculate angles. The terminal is browser based, but is only supported by the latest browsers.

The requirements are a current browser (technically at least Internet Explorer 5+ or Firefox), Javascript on, and screen 800 x 600 or better. Users of slower machines are advised to turn the HUD off. It can be very CPU intensive.

In-Game Map

An improved version of the map in the game’s navigation screen.

  • In-game map – An improved version of a map which has been extracted from the navigation interface of the game. This is similar to the map attributed to John Blythe and Griff, except it is twice the size, and inaccuracies have been corrected. JPG. 72KB.

Notes and Observations

  • Help – How to read the maps, notes on my methodology, the accuracy of the map, and other questions.
  • Cartographer’s observations – Observations made while creating the maps.

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