Hardwar – HS3 Download


This code is not complete or tested. It has not been released as a finished product. It is not supported by the author, nor is the author liable for anything you may experience while using the code.

You should NOT run this code unless you have a reasonable knowledge of computer programming and internet servers. This is not finished software. It has no documentation. No user interface. There is no support. And it will produce unexplained errors.

You should NOT run this code on any mission-critical machine. It will cause excessive CPU usage at times. It probably leaks memory. It may cause the operating system to become unstable. It may expose you to additional security risks.

While all reasonable attempts have been made to secure the code against malicious attacks, it is conceivable that it might be hacked to expose the host’s computer.

If you accept these conditions, download the file here (release 1.1, ZIP, 67KB). 1.1 includes server-side files, such as CSS and images.

Before running the script, please read the release notes. These notes also contain the system requirements.

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