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This page documents Hardwar Upgrade IM (UIM). On this page:

10.1 Introduction

10.1.1 IM?

For more than a year after the unofficial release of U3 fans produced patches to make the betas playable. Then on 31 August 2004, former developer Ian Martin reappeared on Zedo’s forum with the message: “I am totally stunned by the continued support after 6 years. Having just spent 30 minutes on Hammer’s game, I feel I ought to at least try to help. I cannot release any source, and don’t have the latest Hardwar source anyway, but may be able to patch the latest patches, as it were. … I cannot make any major innovations to the game, but will attempt to cure problems.” Later he commented: “I have no realistic plans to do a Hardwar follow-on, but am enjoying giving 2-3 evenings each week, to fix and enhance a game that consumed my life for (too long) some years ago.” The result was the nearest thing there will ever be to an official U3 patch – Upgrade IM (“Upgrade Ian Martin”). Unlike the original Hardwar E (see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? What is Hardwar E? above), which is based on U3 beta 5, UIM is based on U3 beta 4. This means UIM will tend to have slightly fewer features than U3 beta 5, but a lot more stability.

10.1.2 Where can I get UIM?

Try http://www.downloads.hardwar.info/ . The patch can be applied to any full version of Hardwar – there is no need to apply earlier patches first.

10.1.3 What UIM versions are there, and what features do they add?

A full list of features and changes can be found in the game’s readme.txt, which is updated after installing the patch. A summary is provided below:

  • UIM.01: December 2004: Various stability enhancements and bug fixes, particularly for online/server games. Reservoir-Downtown tunnel opened. Comprehensive USB joystick support, with new setup options. Graphical enhancements, including changes to fog depth and explosions.
  • UIM.02: December 2004: Added 24/32 bit display mode and textures. Removed 3DFX Glide and Software rendering. Bug fixes.
  • UIM.02.01: December 2004: Added embossing, allowed the size of windowed mode to be specified, and provided further bug fixes.
  • UIM.03: December 2004: Bug fixes.
  • UIM.04: December 2004: Bug fixes.
  • UIM.05: January 2004: Monorail cars return fire… Various bug fixes.
  • UIM.06: January 2004: Bug fixes.

After UIM.06, Ian abruptly stopped making forum posts.

10.1.4 What is UIM Enhanced?

UIM Enhanced evolved from Hardwar E (see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? What is Hardwar E? above). Max and smurph have continued to write patches/addons for UIM. These contain a range of bug fixes and tweaks, such as AI respawning, hangar queue fixes, and correct hangar names. Ultimately we hope that many of these features will be implemented within UIM itself. UIM Enhanced can be downloaded from http://smurphsworld.150m.com/ . Max continued to develop Enhanced until the end of 2005 – the most recent patch can be found at http://www.downloads.hardwar.info/ . However, UIM Enhanced remains technically unstable, and so is not commonly used for online games. Max made the source code for Enhanced available here, http://fragile-dog.warpedmind.co.uk/hwe_20070607(2).tar.gz .

10.1.5 What is MSGC?

MSGC combines the server-restart features of ASROC, with some of the game stability features of Hardwar E/UIM Enhanced (revival of thugs/taxis/police, financing police, cleaning of dead pilots and hangars, autodock, queue-busting, and selling to player hangars). The utility is still being actively developed by Duncan. Like ASROC, it need only be run by the server host. It can be downloaded at http://www.downloads.hardwar.info/ – although the latest versions are being hosted elsewhere – http://fragile-dog.warpedmind.co.uk/hardwar/MSGCv9b1.zip (June 2007). The name of the game needs to be manually set in the config.txt file.

10.2 Gameplay

Many of UIM’s “new” gameplay features come from Upgrade 3, and are explained in that section.

10.2.1 What terminal commands does UIM support?

UIM is based on U3 beta 4, and therefore does not support commands that only existed in U3 beta 5. Since this is confusing, I’ve created a list of UIM terminal commands. This list now also included known UIM Enhanced commands (see What is UIM Enhanced? above). For details on how to use these commands, see Terminal Commands and Scripting in the U3 section above. I’ve written commands in capitals for clarity, but unless noted, they may be typed in any case. Note that where parameters/arguments are used, typically they take the form command (space) subcommand (comma) value, with subsequent values or subcommands separated by commas, for example “hangar stock,narcotics,buy,10”. Unless otherwise stated, commands listed apply to all UIM versions:

  • AUTOPILOT: Engages autopilot to fly towards a targeted item. Target must be set before engaging autopilot. Off disengages the autopilot. Usage: AUTOPILOT [TARGET or OFF]. Note that the SALVAGE option isn’t implemented, and may crash the game.
  • BAYS: Reports the moths parked in the current hangar, with pilots.
  • BLAG: Allows you to get free cash or moths (restricted by PERMISSIONS). Usage: BLAG [CASH or MOTH],[value] where value is the amount of cash, or the moth type: 1 = Moon Moth, 2 = Silver Y, 3 = Neo Tiger, 4 = Hawk, 5 = Deaths Head, 6 = Police, 7 = Alien, 8 = Swallow.
  • BOARD: Board a moth parked in a specific bay in the current hangar as the pilot. Usage: BOARD [Bay number].
  • BOARDPASS: As BOARD, but to board as a passenger (requires Moon Moth). Usage: BOARDPASS [Bay number].
  • BUILD: Allows rooms to be constructed (restricted by PERMISSIONS, may have other unknown uses). Usage: BUILD [movement direction (see bottom of this list)],[short name]. When interfacing with an existing hangar, OUT is used to leave, and HLINK to enter. Also see How do I build rooms?.
  • CASH: Reports current cash total. This includes cash in your hangar if you are in your hangar.
  • CREATE: Related to building construction – not fully implemented (restricted by PERMISSIONS). Known functionality: CREATE 0,N,[name] creates a god hangar style building called [name], which you can TELEPORT into, but which doesn’t physically exist on the map (also note that you can BUILD out of it, so, for example, you can create two god hangars with a godly walk link between them). Arguments here ARE CASE SENSITIVE – further examples are contained in the U3 description of this command – at the time of writing, CREATE has not function within UIM.
  • DESCRIBE: Change the description of the current location (restricted by PERMISSIONS). Usage: DESCRIBE [description].
  • DEPOSIT: Transfers cash to the current hangar. You do not need to own the hangar. Usage: DEPOSIT [amount]. A bug allows depositing negative values, which results in withdrawal of cash. This works at any hangar with cash.
  • EXEC: Executes a command as another pilot (restricted by PERMISSIONS unless a staff member). Usage: EXEC [Pilot name],[Command,subcommand,value,etc]. For example, “EXEC Fred,BAYS” will get Fred to report the moths parked in the hangar he is in.
  • EXITS or X: List available walk routes – if you are in a moth, the only option will be “out”, as in get out of moth.
  • GOODS: Reports current hangar inventory.
  • GREET: Sends a greeting šŸ™‚ .
  • GRIN: Grins šŸ˜‰ .
  • HANGAR: Sets custom hangar information. Relates to the hangar you are in at the moment. Usage: HANGAR [setting,value]. Basic settings are:
    • ACCESS – Sets access to PUBLIC or PRIVATE.
    • NAME – Renames hangar.
    • STATUS – With no settings, reports building statistics.
    • STOCK – STOCK,ALL to list. STOCK,[Item name] to list stock for specific item. STOCK,[Item name],[BUY or SELL or MAXBUY],[Amount] to set the pricing for a specific item – for example “HANGAR STOCK,Swarm,SELL,100” to set the sale price of Swarm to 100.
      Admin settings (restricted by PERMISSIONS) are:
    • DAMAGE – With no value reports current damage. With value sets hangar damage to an amount between 0 and 16384.
    • LOGO – With no value report current logo. With value 0 to 16 sets logo icon. Values are: 1 = Warp, 2 = MonoRail, 3 = Lazarus, 4 = Klamp-G, 5 = Toxic, 6 = Skinners, 7 = Hardwar, 8 = Alpha, 9 = Mines, 10 = Port, 11 = Riverside, 12 = Highrise, 13 = Gamma, 14 = Downtown, 15 = Reservoir, 16 = Scrubbers.
    • SOFTWARE – With no value, lists software installed. With values, adds one or more options, for example “hangar software,cdfr”. Prefixing the options with ‘-‘ deinstalls them, for example “hangar software,-ps” removes sales and purchasing. Known options are: c = collect (player hangar or allow cabs), d = deliver (player hangar or allow cabs), f = fit, g = god menu, n = no player trade, m = moth sales, o = moth software changes, p = business will purchase, u = repair, r = remove, s = business will sell, t = trade list, x = no monorail (non-functional?), y = sell buildings (like an estate agent), z = buy buildings. Note that there is a limit on software options of about 7 and installing more will lead to the game crashing when you access the hangar menu – take care.
    • TYPE – Changes the internal design of the hangar. Values 0 to 5.
  • HELP: List commands.
  • LAUGH: Like “SAY lol”…
  • LAUNCH: Launches moth from hangar. Note that launch doesn’t propel you out of the airlock, so if you launch and do nothing else, eventually your ship will be destroyed in the airlock.
  • LOOK or L: Reports what you can see, MUD style.
  • OWNER: Report hangar owner. Usage: OWNER [hangar name]. UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
  • ORDER: Sends commands to your staff. Usage: ORDER [Staff name],[Subcommand],[Value]. For example, “ORDER Hitson,GO,Freds Builders”. Subcommands are:
    • BOARD,[Bay number] – Board moth at bay specified.
    • BUZZ,[building] – Fly around, but not dock at, the building specified in the value.
    • CLEAR – Cancel last order.
    • DISEMBARK – Get out of moth.
    • GO,[Building] – Fly to building specified in the value.
    • KILL,[pilot name] – Attack another pilot.
    • NAME,[new name] – Rename staff. UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
    • PROTECT,[pilot_name] – Protect another pilot. To cancel, use: ORDER [staff name],PROTECT. UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
    • REPORT – Reports current plan (unlikely to be much use at the moment).
    • SELLALL,[Building] – Sell all cargo at the building specified.
    • STATUS – Report where they are.
    • SUPPLY,[hangar name] – Supply a player-owned hangar. Refer to UIM Enhanced documentation for detail. UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
  • OUT: Get out of moth or leave hangar.
  • PERMISSIONS: Transfers permissions between pilots. Permissions transfer from the Admin pilot. Usage: PERMISSIONS [Pilot name],[options]. Multiple options may be set at once, but are not comma separated, for example “PERMISSIONS Fred,bot”. Options are: s = set permissions, o = ORDER and EXEC any pilot, b = use BLAG, p = interact with plans, h = hijack moths and hangars, c = build, t = teleport, e = economy commands. Full list: “sobphcte”.
  • PLANS: Lists pilot plans, the instructions to pilots. Primarily useful in conjunction with EXEC, to see what other pilots are planning.
  • PROPERTY: List hangars owned by pilot. Usage: PROPERTY [pilot name]. UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
  • RECRUIT: Hires a member of staff. You must be at the same location as the staff member to hire them. Usage: RECRUIT [Staff name].
  • REPORT: Lists rankings and cheat monitoring data. Format (from readme): “Player name, player cash, player kills, names of hangars owned (+ cash held, and clones held in each hangar), number of each moth type owned by the player, and the hardwar day the pilot was last logged in.” UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
  • REPOSSESS: Resets hangar ownership and clears stock/cash (restricted to ADMINS). Intended to allows Admins to clear dormant or ill-gotten hangars. Usage: REPOSSESS [hangar name]. UIM.06 Enhanced 2+ ONLY.
  • SAY: Talks to everyone in your current location. Usage: SAY [message].
  • STAFF: Lists current your staff by name.
  • TARGET: Sets target to the building or ship named. Usage: TARGET [Name of pilot or building].
  • TELEPORT: Jumps to a new location (restricted by PERMISSIONS). Must be on foot. Usage: TELEPORT [hangar name].
  • TELL: Whisper to a specific player in a different location. Usage: TELL [pilot name] [message] (does not support pilot names containing spaces).
  • THRUST: Sets the thrust of your moth, by a specific value, full speed ahead, or no thrust. Usage: THRUST [value (-16384 to 16384) or MAX or STOP].
  • WAVE: Waves at pilots at your location.
  • WITHDRAW: Transfers cash from a hangar you own to your personal cash. Usage: WITHDRAW [amount].
  • WHO: Lists players. The letter after the name indicates the type of connection – “H” for Hardwar client, “T” for terminal.
  • Movement commands are mostly compass based, restricted by tunnels and rooms available: N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW, IN (enter a hangar), OUT (leave a hangar or moth), U (up a level), D (down a level).

10.3 Technical

10.3.1 Can I load an old saved game?

Check the game’s readme.txt for precise compatibility, since this may vary by patch. Generally UIM will load games saved by earlier UIM versions or U3 beta 4. Network games often require client and server to be running the same UIM version.

10.3.2 After patching [something] stopped working, or I get the message Hardwar not installed. Why?

Check all the settings in the launcher. Where an option has been changed by the patch, such as the joystick throttle or graphics, older settings may not have been applied correctly.

10.3.3 Must I use DirectX? Must I use a Direct3D compatible 3D accelerator (video) card?

Yes, if using UIM.02+. UIM.01 was the last version to allow 3DFX Glide or software rendering. 3DFX card users should (from the readme), “select Direct3D. Users of an old 3DFX pass-through card should select Secondary Display.” UIM requires at least DirectX 9.

10.3.4 What do all these display options do? How can I improve visual performance?

UIM adds various graphical features. It tries to retain backward compatibility for older machines by allowing many of these features to be toggled on and off. If you are running Hardwar on a machine built before 2002/3, you may need to alter the settings for certain additional features to make the game run smoothly.

  • 24/32 Bit Display (UIM.02+): Renders Hardwar in greater colour depth. Colour depth is a measure of the number of distinct colours used. This option increases the number of colours to over 16 million, making the game visually richer, but potentially degrading video performance.
  • 32 Bit Textures (UIM.02+): Allows in-game objects to be coloured using more colours – over 16 million. Requires 64Mb or more texture (i.e. video) memory.
  • Embossed Texture Detail (UIM.02.01+): Creates ‘bumpy’ texturing on crater walls, and hangar and tunnel floors. Surprisingly impressive. Visual preference. MipMaps must be enabled.
  • Explosions [Original] (UIM.01+): Default uses new 256×256 24 bit colour explosion graphics. Use only on 1998-era machines, or where the things going boom go boom too slow.
  • Fog Colour [Original] (UIM.02+): Renders the fog the colour traditionally used by Hardwar. Visual preference only.
  • Fog Depth (even greater depth allowed by UIM.01+): Sets the distance between you and the edge of the fog, allowing more/less of each crater to be visible. The farthest setting is reported to need approximately a 2Ghz processor or better to run smoothly.
  • W-Buffering (UIM.01+): Corrects graphical glitches, such as disappearing monorail tracks in tunnels. Use unless option is unavailable (not supported by card).

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