Hardwar – Preface

This page contains the author’s notes, credits, legal statement, and FAQ version changes. On this page:

1.1 Notes

Many gameplay tips and technical fixes are available in the game’s readme. More detailed, illustrated information is generally available from fan sites. This FAQ is designed to primarily provide quick answers to some of the most common questions. It mostly contains answers to actual questions asked on forums and usenet. It does not specifically aim to hold your hand and guide you step by step through the game, although I have added a few entries that provide an introduction to key areas like moths, equipment and hangars. This style reflects the nature of the game, which contains a lot of hidden depth and, in spite of its storyline, is very open ended.

The FAQ includes large sections dealing with parts of the game that have been changed by subsequent upgrades, notably online play, upgrade 3 and Upgrade IM. Currently the U3 and Upgrade IM sections are split from other sections because these are slightly unofficial, and so you might not be running them. UIM is likely to replace U3 completely, however since UIM is heavily based on U3, I have left the original U3 section in place. New players are advised to read both sections, even if you only intend to play UIM.

1.2 Credits and Legal

This FAQ was written by Tim Howgego (also known as timski), copyright 2000-2007, unless otherwise stated. The information contained in this FAQ comes from a pool of knowledge built up between a large number of Hardwar players since 1998. Without the ideas of Jeff, Zedo, Wez and Solidox, this FAQ would be much shorter than it is. Particular thanks also to Ouch, Hammer, smurph, Arago Fett, Kazymyr, Fedor von Bock and Sniper; Max and others for some fantastic U3 beta patches; Ian Martin for coming back to make UIM; and everyone that continues to keep Hardwar alive almost a decade after it was released.

This FAQ is in the public domain: You may copy and repost this FAQ, but the content of the document, including the credits, must remain unchanged. Informing the author that you are hosting it is appreciated, but not mandatory. Ensuring you host the most recent version is also appreciated, but not mandatory. If converting from text to HTML, please note the use of fixed width text in diagrams and greater/less-than characters. The original game Hardwar (TM) Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Gremlin Interactive Ltd. Technology Copyright (c) 1993-2002 Software Refinery Ltd. Other trademarks and copyright are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. This is not an official FAQ. It is not endorsed by the game’s former developers or publishers.

1.3 Version

This is version 1.30, 3 December 2006. Additional comments and data from Ciaran Gultnieks, particularly in the Hacking appendix. Added What is MSGC? and tweaked a few other sections. Some minor stealth updates were made on 23 July 2007. Although Hardwar maintains a community of active players, there have been no major new patches developed since Upgrade IM 06 at the start of January 2004.

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