Hardwar – And Finally

This page contains observations and tips for Hardwar from the author. On this page:

12.1 What’s the deal with BodyParts?

The gangs are almost obsessed with BodyParts once they start trading with the aliens via the Research Facility. You cannot trade with the aliens, but you can sell BodyParts to the gangs. Most of the hangars between Port tunnel in Downtown and Alpha or Gamma (along routes used by gang transports) can be used to sell BodyParts at $1500 or $2000 each, more than twice what you can buy them for. Some have reported they will sell for as much as $2800. RoadDemon and others suggest Gamma H3 and Hangar A3 in Alpha. Some of the Downtown hangars work too, but not all. Simply buy one or more of these hangars, purchase and ship in a few loads of BodyParts from a nearby conurbation, and open the hangar up to sales.

12.2 Origin Unknown

At different stages in the plot Origin Unknown may be seen. In the original game it sells for $99,999 a piece, although you may need to work to get trading posts to buy from you. You cannot recover Origin Unknown until part way through the plot, which would seem to prevent you getting your hands on half of it. But it is still possible to recover and sell all the Origin Unknown in the game, you just need to be creative. Based on the notes of Axe and Ashlocke: For the first 3 units (initial alien crash), attack the ships that pick it up as they pass through tunnels, where they cannot recover it. For the second three units (Klamp Port decoy), attack the Klamp transport until it jettisons the cargo, but don’t kill the transport otherwise the plot will stall. The next two sets of Origin Unknown are in the secret bases (see Can I attack both bases? in the walkthrough). There are a further three units of Origin Unknown available (from Fedor von Bock): You need to kill the alien that rescues you from Port after the Port Clearance with Big Bob (see above). One cannot target alien ships, and if you get too close, your controls are lost. Fedor von Bock’s method involves attacking whilst remaining just outside of the range at which the controls are lost. Once the alien’s shields go down, it will attempt to get repairs at the Knocking Ship, at which point destroy it with lasers.

12.3 It’s art, mate

There are some strange features on Titan. Downtown Recycling would seem to be at the heart of some kind of “stone” circle. But the most important hangar in the centre of the design is empty. The Lazarus Ore Proc, in the Mines, displays the Lazarus corporate logo when viewed from above. Big ego; anyone?

12.4 Fooling the AI

Humans can, with practice, fly into tunnels without so much as dropping the throttle. AI pilots can’t, and are forced to stop dead at the tunnel mouth and at bends in the tunnel. When attacked in there they get rather lost. And they refuse to pick up salvage dropped in tunnels. Want to get your own back at pirates without continually having to kill them? Just buy up almost all of their hangars. Titan suddenly becomes a lot safer when you own 40 hangars. Of course, not everyone wants Titan to be safer.

12.5 Final tip

Occupations should reflect circumstances, not always the choice of the pilot. If you see a potential booty, become a pirate for a minute. If you spot a cargo on the ground, become a scavenger for a minute. If you find a highly profitable trade run, become a trader for a minute. Hardwar is not just fast paced in combat, it is fast paced in everything. Don’t hang about for long.

12.6 The last word

I’ll give the last word to Ian Martin, writing in 2004: “Hardwar was a bit of a slog to finish, and may or may not have been a great game (I probably speak to an appreciative audience) but it was a commercial flop. A bit like Concorde, only not so famous. Or fast.”

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