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5.1 What is God Hangar?

God Hangar works in both online and offline games. God Hangar creates a virtual hangar which you can jump into. Once there you can ‘blag’ unlimited cash, fit certain equipment to your moth, jump to a different location, change your position in the plot and change the speed of the game. God Hangar can be assigned to a joystick button on the controls tab of the launcher. Hitting the button in game takes you to the hangar. If you have enabled test/cheat functions in hardluck.exe (see What is HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? below), you can enable cheat keys in the Misc tab, and then press G at any time to enter God Hangar. You can also use the same utility to access the debug keys.

5.2 What are the startup cheat codes?

In multiplayer online games type Castleford, Fangfoss, Skipton, Scunthorpe, or Sheffield as the pilot name to start with different types of Moth. In offline games select trader, then type bond001, bond003, bond004, bond005, or bond006 as the pilot name to start with a different type of Moth. For a fully equipped Hawk type zmax. Most of these cheats have been removed in U3 and UIM.

5.3 Are there any other hidden features or Easter Eggs?

Yes. You expect me to reveal them all now? 😉 Try naming a pilot ‘gandalf’ and you will be asked to type a name that is not inherently sad (David Hedbor writes: “This came about after Ian Martin had been playing Quake 2 on the web, and joined a game full of Lord of the Rings fans. When he used a distinctly un-tolkien like greeting, Bilbo, Gandalf and the rest asked him rather un-politely to leave. So that is Ian’s revenge.”). Holding the left hand crtl key down while the game is loading changes ‘initialising world’ to ‘testing patience’. The last ten music tracks on the CD are shared with the game Loaded, except the last music track on disc 2, which on certain European versions has three Gremlin employees singing along (from sol, who was singing). Many of the AI pilots are named after characters from the film “Hackers”. One of the assassins introduced in U2.02 (Nelson Column) relates to the military strategist Horatio Nelson – Nelson’s Column is a statue in London, England. The other, Clifton Bridge, is a little more obscure: ‘He’ probably relates to a bridge of the same name over the River Avon near Bristol (England), which has a reputation as a suicide spot… Upgrade IM adds further test features which might be used as cheats. From the readme: “If a pilot is named ‘I am a victim’ most of the AI pilots attack him. If the pilot is named ‘I am a made victim’ then he is invulnerable. This was done to test the engine at its limits, both in terms of display capabilities and control code.”

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