Hardwar FAQ

This FAQ is a guide to playing the video game, Hardwar – a futuristic combat flight simulator. The text was originally written to provide answers to commonly asked forum questions. The FAQ has evolved to contain a wealth of gameplay, technical and reference information, most of which cannot be found elsewhere. The 1998 release version of Hardwar was developed further through a series of “upgrade” patches from former developers, and modifications made by fans. Many of these are only documented by this FAQ.

  1. Preface – Author’s notes, credits, legal statement, and FAQ version.
  2. Introduction – Game information, requirements, patches, game downloads, and community.
  3. Gameplay – Common gameplay questions. Topics include Combat, Piloting and Equipment, Hangars, Economy, and Transport.
  4. Walkthrough – Overview of plot, with answers to common problems.
  5. Cheating – Cheat codes and God Hangar.
  6. Online – Guide to playing online. Topics include Gameplay, Technical Issues (specific to online Hardwar), and Hosting.
  7. General Technical Issues – Solutions to common technical problems. Topics include Installation and Patching, Video, Sound, and Gameplay ‘Bugs’.
  8. Editing and Customising – Help with customising Hardwar. Topics include Setup, Skins, Utilities, and Editors.
  9. Upgrade 3 – Extensive documentation for the series of five “U3” beta patches. Topics include History, Terminal Commands and Scripting, Setup, Gameplay, and Bugs and Modifications.
  10. Upgrade IM – Documentation for Ian Martin’s “UIM” patches. Topics include Introduction, Gameplay, and Technical.
  11. Ask Ian Martin – Answers to questions from former developer, Ian Martin.
  12. And Finally… – Last words and commentary.
  13. Appendices – Topics include Hangar List, Non-Moth Production Requirements and Locations, Moth Production Requirements, Plot Video Transcripts, Non-Plot Video Transcripts, Modifications, Hacking, and CD Music Track Listing.

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