Capsule Pipelines – News and Publications

This page contains recent documents which do not directly relate to a specific scheme or organisation, but which often provide the best sources of background information.

Conference – International Symposium on Underground Freight Transportation by Capsule
Pipelines and other Tube/Tunnel Systems

ISUFT organises events related to the development of underground freight and capsule pipeline transportation systems. (current)


Innovative Transportation Technologies

Jerry Schneider’s site, which includes a number of relevant items, both freight and passenger related. The site is a good place to look for announcements of new schemes and projects.

Public Roads – Tube Freight Transportation

The main findings of the US Department of Transportation’s Dr Larry Vance and Milton K. Mills. A good background introduction. Further details are contained within ‘Tube Transportation’, Feb 1994, John A Volpe National Transportation Systems Centre, RSPA/VNTSC-SS-HW495-01. [cached text]

Emerging Construction Technologies – Pneumatic Capsule Pipeline

Summary of developments in PCP mid-2002, including vertical PCP information. [cached text]

Canadian Society for Civil Engineering – Building a Future

Capsule pipelines discussed at the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering’s annual conference June 2000.
[cached text]

New Scientist – Pipe Dream

New Scientist magazine has attempted to answer the question, what became of the ‘enthusiasm’ for capsule pipelines in the 1960s. 13 May 2000. [cached text]

Computerworld – Shipping goes down the Tubes

Computerworld’s summary of developments in capsule pipelines at the start of 2001.,10801,58976,00.html [cached text] [alternative url]

Lloyd’s List – Pipeline Transportation plan to free up roads

The Dutch government encouragement for underground freight pipelines. October 23 2000.
[cached text]

HSE – Safe Use of Pneumatic Air Tube Transport Systems for Pathology Specimens

Best practice guidance from the UK‘s Health and Safety Executive.

International Freight Pipeline Society

A society interested in all types of freight pipeline. Relatively little useful content, except perhaps for the membership list.

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