Capsule Pipelines – Ideas

This page includes a mixture of off-the-wall ideas for systems, new uses for old systems, and discussions.


Elon Musk’s magnetic near-supersonic passenger capsule pipeline proposal, linking Los Angeles and San Francisco. (PDF)


Russian idea for the transport of passengers and freight. [cached text]

Neutronmedia – New uses in New York

Randolph Stark’s developing proposal to convert disused New York pneumatic tubes to carry fibre optic cables.

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  1. Underground Mail Road – a report from the New York Times [cached text].
  2. Slashdot discussions – capsule pipelines officially enter the geek age.

Tube Way System

German idea for an elevated pneumatic capsule pipeline. (in German)

Cargo Tunnel

Domestic local goods system.

RUMBA (Röhren-Untergrund-Magnetschwebe-Bahn)

Christian Bruch’s idea for an underground tube based magnetic levitation railway. [cached text]

Tubular Rail

Concept for passenger “trains” operating through a network of elevated hoops.

Art – The Art of Bliktel / Molon Vols

Fantastic visions of the future painted in 1900s Japan.
[cached images]

Wired – Back to the Future

Thoughts about the development of pneumatic tube systems. [cached text]

Halfbakery – Take the Tube

Pneumatic subways discussed at the Halfbakery.

Lyle Zapato – Inteli-Tube

A rather appealing concept which proposes perhaps the ultimate in personal pneumatic capsule pipeline transportation. Draw your own conclusions.

Airtube and Airroute

A Dutch concept for dual-PCP networks, one for small freight items (Airtube), the other for passengers (Airroute).

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