Capsule Pipelines – Historic Resources

This page contains an assortment of historic resources, for systems which either no longer exist, or are no longer in development.

Pneumatic Despatch Company Prospectus

The prospectus of the London Pneumatic Despatch Company, 1859/1863, from British Library 1890.e.2.
[cached text]

US Pneumatic-Tube Networks

A text summary from maps contained in US Congress reports, 1901/1909.
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Text of a promotional booklet for the Airapid system, including details of the system at Muroran steel works.
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Pneumatic Tube System in Prague

Description of Prague system by Jakub Serých, with photographs (2004).
[text and photographs]

Prague – Right Down the Tubes

A short summary of Prague’s underground pneumatic tube network.
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Hayhurst – The Pneumatic Post of Paris

J.D. Hayhurst O.B.E., 1974. jdhayhurst/pneumatic/book.html [cached text]

The Cash Railway Website

Covers cash ball, wire systems and pneumatic tubes that carried cash between sales points and the cash office in shops and department stores. Contains impressive list of system locations.

Douglas Self – Pneumatic Networks

Overview of pneumatic messaging, with details of telegraph systems in England, France and the United States. [cached text]

Dead Media Working Group

A number of items have been posted which relate to pneumatic telegram/telegraph systems. [cached text]

Berliner Unterwelten – Pneumatic Dispatch System

Description and history Berlin’s pneumatic tube system. (summary) [cached text]

Related resources:

  1. Summary of ‘Luft-Züge, Die Geschichte der Rohrpost in Berlin und anderswo’, by Ingmar Arnold

Berliner Morgenpost – Berlin Bunker Kissers

Includes a short section on the Berlin pneumatic tube network.
[cached text]

Newsday – Mail System Down the Tube

A short text by Sidney Schaer, covering aspects of pneumatic mail systems in the USA.
[cached text]

New York Times – Underground Mail Road

Includes part of Randolph Stark’s research into New York’s pneumatic tube mail system. [cached text]

BBC – The Crystal Palace Atmospheric Railway

Making History’s story of Rammell’s demonstration system at Crystal Palace.
[cached text]

Alfred Ely Beach – Beach’s Bizarre Broadway Subway

A slightly more in-depth account of Beach’s subway than is commonly found on the internet. [cached text]

FAQ – Early New York City Tunnels

New York City Subway Resources’ summary of the Beach Pneumatic Transit.
Beach Pneumatic Transit [cached text ]

The American Experience – Beach Pneumatic Transit

A short history of ‘the secret subway’. [cached text ]

Brennan – Beach Pneumatic Transit

Joseph Brennan’s very detailed history of the Beach Pneumatic Transit. [cached text]

New York City’s First Subway

A short history of the Beach Pneumatic Transit. [cached text]

Frederic Delaitre’s Lost Subways

Pictorial history of the Beach Pneumatic Transit with bibliography. Includes some limited information on Rammell’s Crystal Palace pneumatic railway. [cached text]

Feedmag – Pneumatic Tube System (New York)

Short description of Dr. Rufus Gilbert’s 1872 proposal for an elevated PCP in New York.
[cached text]

Pneumatic Railway

Slawomir Lotysz’s overview of key differences and technologies found in different historic pneumatic ‘railway’ systems. [cached text] [mirror]

Mark Brader – Atmospheric and Pneumatic Railways

A superficial summary from “Atmospheric Railways: A Victorian Venture in Silent Speed” by Charles Hadfield, 1967.

Transportation Futuristics – Pneumatic Transportation

Short history, with pictures covering Victorian systems and the Bay Area Gravity-Vacuum Transit. [partial cached text]

Appletons’ – Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics

Some technical information on the type of pumps used within small bore pneumatic tube systems is contained within the A and P sections.

About – Pneumatic Tube Inventors & Inventions’s very selective history, useful only for its patent references.

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