Capsule Pipelines – Gallery

This page contains a list of images. More details about these images are contained within other parts of the site. Due to server limitations at the time this site was first created (2000), and the fact that most of these images have been photocopied from originals at some time in the past, images tend to be of small and/or poor resolution.

Large Diameter – Operational Pictures

Airapid system in operation at Muroran Steel Works. A section of elevated pipeline can be seen (left), and capsules (right)
Beach’s demonstration system, erected at the American Institute, Fourteenth Street, New York, 1867
Beach station
Beach Pneumatic Transit, car at station
BHRA, capsule being loaded
Crystal Palace
Crystal Palace pneumatic railway demonstration
Battersea Fields
London Pneumatic Despatch Company’s prototype system at Battersea Fields, 1861
London Pneumatic Despatch, showing the departure of the director’s tour from the Holborn terminal
Magplane car
Magplane, Car with 300 kg of phosphate rock
Magplane magnet
Magplane, Magnet assembly rotated 180 degrees for inspection purposes
Magplane accelerator section
Magplane, End of the accelerator section and the hill climb at the Lakeland site
Magplane LSM winding
Magplane, Close-up of LSM winding showing end turns and back iron
Magplane Load-Unload
Magplane, Load-Unload stations and transfer conveyor
Stoney Creek
Stoney Creek, Ontario. PCP capsule. June 1988
Sumitomo Capsule Liner
Sumitomo Capsule Liner, Turntable Type Batcher
Sumitomo Capsule Liner system in operation in Tochigi. Shown are a pair of capsules loaded with limestone
Transprogress, former Soviet Union
Tubexpress first prototype system, constructed in Georgia, USA. Dr. Carstens is seen on the right of the picture

Large Diameter – Lab’ Pictures

Henry Liu
Capsule Pipeline Research Centre test system at the University of Missouri, with Henry Liu
Pipe§net device prototype

Large Diameter – Concept Pictures

Tube Transit
Bay Area Gravity-Vacuum Transit – Tube Transit, Inc
Pneumatic Tubes
Bliktel/Molon Vols, ‘Pneumatic Tubes’
Bliktel/Molon Vols, ‘Container’
CargoCap capsule
CargoCap, capsule in pipeline
CargoCap loading
CargoCap, loading/unloading
CargoCap model
CargoCap, Scale model under construction
ET3 concept model
FTS, Passenger in travel, cross sectional view
Gilbert’s pneumatically powered elevated system, New York
Subtrans underwater tube freight transportation systems
Tubexpress highway
Tubexpress, showing operation under highway
Tubexpress loading
Tubexpress, showing loading/unloading

Large Diameter – Diagrams

Transport system
Capsule pipeline as a transport system
Flexitaxi, single-line station
London Pneumatic Despatch Compan
London Pneumatic Despatch Company Prospectus Map
Magplane Elevation
Magplane, Elevation view of pipe and capsule
Sumitomo Capsule Liner features
Sumitomo Capsule Liner, showing main features of system
Sumitomo vertical PCP
Sumitomo vertical PCP, used to extract soil capsules from a 35m deep shaft
Transprogress diagram
Transprogress diagram, showing pneumatic mover and capsules

Small Diameter

Lamson pneumatic transfer system in operation, showing two types of despatching terminal
Lamson terminal
Lamson terminal from Browns of Workington, Cumbria now in the Cumberland Toy Museum in Cockermouth
Pneumatic tube table
London, Central Telegraph Office pneumatic tube table during the 1930s
Automatic switch room
London street tubes, automatic switch room (1930s)
Parisian Pneumatic Post cylinders
Parisian Pneumatic Post cylinders, new and old, showing the electrically conducting bands introduced after 1931
Parisian Pneumatic Post Network Map
Parisian Pneumatic Post Network Map
Prague control system
Prague – View of the whole control system (montage of three separate photographs)
Prague Control heads
Prague – Control heads of the main lines, with the buttons for programming the switches on the lines
Prague capsule counter
Prague – Close up view of the capsule counter and lights displaying the status of the line
Prague inputs for sending capsules
Prague – Inputs for sending capsules. The right one has an automatic cover lock to protect inputing the capsule if the line is in the incoming direction (it is the small cylinder on the left upper corner of the right input)

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