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7.1 Introduction

Xtreme Carnage is a series of arcade style missions. You pilot an interceptor through a three-region galaxy, responding only to pre-scripted events. Like a traditional arcade game you cannot save the game and failing a mission requires you to restart completely. Be warned that Xtreme Carnage may take a few hours to complete – four hours if you use all the time available for missions. Be prepared for some serious frustration if you get bumped and suddenly explode half way through the last mission 😮 . Still, the early missions get easier the tenth time around – trust me…

The time limits given are the maximum times. Once the objectives are complete the next level will start regardless of how much time there is remaining. If the time limit is exceeded, the next mission will start, often with whatever hostile targets were left over from the previous failed mission remaining in the arena. You can see how much time you have remaining by cycling through the CVD display (press L several times).

Your interceptor will be automatically repaired and rearmed at the start of each level. Unused missiles from the previous mission are discarded – each mission starts with the same ten missiles. Pilot damage is not repaired. If you accidentally get both pilots killed you can continue flying, however, once a second you will get a message informing you the pilots are dead along with a loud beep. This is likely to result in a severe headache, floods the communications log file, and prevents certain key commands from working, notably those that allow you to quit…

Before starting Xtreme Carnage it is strongly recommended that you become familiar with the key commands required to fly an interceptor, target craft and navigate; and be familiar with HUD displays for critical things such as shields. Certain features such as Tacops are not available. Remember that Interceptors have a single radar display, so you need to switch modes between ships and navigational objects. Switch weapons on (W) at the start. The log (with mission details) can be accessed by pressing ALT+C. If you wish to exit Xtreme Carnage press ALT+E to detonate your craft or ALT+Q to return to the main menu.

You will hear the voice of another pilot at the start of Xtreme Carnage. This is not a wingmen, merely your co-pilot. Their main role is to panic and inform you of things you have probably noticed already. There is no option to gag them.

7.2 Level 1: Fighter Intercept

  • Location: XC1 (Farstar).
  • Time: 15 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy all Gammulan fighters (up to 4).

Once you have heavily damaged either of the two initial enemy fighters they will call for backup. Each will call for up to one extra enemy fighter (Vandal and Defender), so you should expect to fight four enemy in total, but not more than two at one time. It is possible to fight only the initial two fighters by dealing the death blows very rapidly, so they die without having time to broadcast an SOS – multi-missile dive-bombs may achieve this. Avoid getting caught by multiple missiles and avoid bumps – one unlucky bump can completely destroy an interceptor or a critical system like guns or engines.

7.3 Level 2: Fighter Intercept

  • Location: XC1 (Farstar).
  • Time: 15 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy 2 Gammulan heavy fighters.

Two hostile craft will attack you, a Stardrone and Infiltrator. This level is similar to the first but with no enemy backup.

7.4 Level 3: Transport Attack

  • Location: XC1 (Farstar).
  • Time: 15 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan transport and eliminate 3 escort fighters.

You have a wingman for this mission only, Mark Stryker in another interceptor. You cannot order your wingman – he will find his own targets. The transport is a Gammulan Canlon, defended by two L-Fighters and a Questar. If you destroy the transport, the escorts will normally flee, and after a minute or so the mission will be completed. Destroying the transport immediately is therefore the quickest way to finish the mission, and is best done by launching a full rack of missiles at close range. If you let the transport leave the sector, you can follow and attempt to destroy it in XC2 (Trion). If you finish the mission in XC2 an extra Gammulan patrol ship may attack you.

7.5 Level 4: Cruiser Strike

  • Location: XC2 (Trion).
  • Time: 20 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan Starcruiser and 2 escort fighters.

An Empirian Questar will assist in attacking the Gammulan Starcruiser. Try to get behind the cruiser while it is being engaged and pump missiles at it. You may need to destroy two Gammulan escort fighters, a Vandal and Sentinel – they may flee once the Starcruiser has been destroyed.

7.6 Level 5: Deep Strike

  • Location: XC2 (Trion).
  • Time: 20 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan carrier and 2 escort fighters.

A Terran battlecruiser appears and attacks the Gammulan Violon carrier and escorts (Zodiac and Zenstar). The battlecruiser does not last long, although it may have time to launch some support interceptors. The Gammulan carrier will jump to Hellseye (XC3). Once in Hellseye the cloaked station in the sector will continuously launch fighters against you. While it is possible to follow the carrier, pump missiles into it, and then finish it off with laser fire, the odds of surviving are low. The only way to stop it jumping near to the station is to deal with it when it is in Trion. Unfortunately, the carrier does not remain in Trion very long, and it is very hard to destroy it there. It may therefore be better to attack what you can and then let the mission time out.

7.7 Level 6: Tactical Support

  • Location: Mission brief says XC2 (Trion), events are actually in XC1 (Farstar).
  • Time: 20 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan cruiser and 2 fighters.

If you are in XC2 the mission will start, nothing will appear to happen, and a minute later the next mission will be announced. The action actually happens in XC1 (Farstar), not XC2 as indicated by the mission brief. If you are in XC1 at the start of the mission, two Terran transports (MRT-15 and Jenstar) will appear. You should defend them from a Gammulan cruiser (Sentry) and two fighters (Zenstar and Defender). You are assisted by a Terran Solnar cruiser, which should engage the Gammulan Sentry.

7.8 Level 7: Tactical Strike

  • Location: XC3 (Hellseye).
  • Time: 20 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan Diplomat and Firestorm escort.

If you finished the previous mission in XC1 you can use the flux field to jump between the two if you wish. The Gammulan diplomat is being escorted by a Firestorm carrier. You are assisted by a Terran Megaron, Viper and Corsair. The Megaron will engage the Firestorm. Missions in XC3 (Hellseye) are doubly difficult because in addition to the mission specific enemy ships, the cloaked station will keep on launching fighters at you. Attack the Diplomat rapidly to stop it escaping. The mission brief suggests that you should heavily damage the Diplomat ship to allow one of the other ships to beam troops across and arrest the diplomat. I have damaged the diplomat heavily enough for it to issue an SOS, but troops are not obviously beamed across, and the mission will not finished until the Diplomat is destroyed.

7.9 Level 8: Fleet Intercept

  • Location: XC3 (Hellseye).
  • Time: 25 minutes.
  • Objective: Eliminate Gammulan Starwarrior and 2 Tarquin transports.

Two armed Tarquin transports arrive and head for the cloaked station, escorted by a Starwarrior heavy cruiser. You are assisted by a Terran Sunflash and Templon, which will attack the transports. The transports may dock. If so, simply destroy the Starwarrior to complete the mission.

7.10 Level 9: Command Intercept

  • Location: XC3 (Hellseye).
  • Time: 30 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan Starcarrier and Warmonger.

A Terran Battlecruiser and Sunflash assist you, although these are unlikely to destroy the hostile ships on their own. This can be a very tough battle: My suggestion is to get right behind the enemy capital ships, so close you are almost ramming them, and hope to avoid hostile fighters and missiles.

7.11 Level 10: Final Conflict

  • Location: XC3 (Hellseye).
  • Time: 60 minutes.
  • Objective: Destroy Gammulan Aestrom, Sentry and station.

You will be assisted by a Terran Starcarrier, Starwarrior and Solnar. Unfortunately these will probably not be sufficient to deal with the hostile fleet, let alone attack the station. In theory, once the two additional Gammulan ships (Aestrom and Sentry) have been destroyed, the station will de-cloak. Even without the station firing and launching fighters against you, destroying it with interceptor lasers will take a very long time. To quote a broadcast from one of the hostile ships at the outset of the mission, “You will never leave here alive. Prepare to die.”

7.12 Bonus Level

Once the main 10 missions of Xtreme Carnage have been completed, shipping will be randomly generated across the three regions. Every 15 minutes a re-supply ship will appear in Farstar. If you are in the sector when it arrives you will be rearmed and repaired.

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