Battlecruiser 3000AD – Editing and Cheating

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8.1 How do I cheat?

Several ‘playmods’ are available. These are included in the GBS archive (see What’s the GBS? below). Playmods apply certain changes to the current player profile, such as instant upgrades or weapons. There are several pre-scripted cheats, but others can be easily written to taste. You must be using at least version v2.08 to use playmods. Playmods are unsupported and some may cause problems – for an example, see Why do my crew get stuck on decks? below.

Playmods have largely superseded the need for more elaborate cheats. Blackhawk’s UGE module for BC3K v2.09 can be found here, .

8.2 How do I install custom scripts?

Quit BC3K. Extract the downloaded zip file into the SCRIPTS subdirectory in the installation directory. Scripts may require v2.08 or higher.

8.3 What’s the GBS?

Game Builder System. It is primarily a scripting language used to create scenarios, but it can also be used to modify various aspects of the game. BC3K uses GBS-I (or just ‘GBS’) – GBS-II is used by sequels. GBS is compatible with BC3K v2.x only. Some early versions of v2.x come with a ‘lite’ version of GBS. The full GBS is available as part of the Freeware version of the game – see Where can I get the game, patches and manual? . This includes documentation, sample scripts, artwork – almost everything you could want to modify the game short of the source code to BC3K itself.

8.4 Got any GBS tips?

These are based on the writings of Gallion (abridged quite heavily):

  1. Read all the GBS documentation that comes with the zip file.
  2. Print the following files: Good for reference: acm1tod1(2, 3, 4).scr, tradeitm.txt, bc3k0000(0100, 0200, 0300, 0400, 9900).scr. Optional: glob_ag.scr, glob_ai.scr, glob_dyn.scr, glob_rg.scr, glob_ai.scr, navdata.scr, objclass.scr, objects.scr, static.scr, navlink.txt, regions.txt, xc_ag.scr, xc_rg.scr.
  3. Repeat step 1.
  4. Develop an outline for the campaign the you wish to script (locations, timing).
  5. Repeat step 1.
  6. Download, print and read the GBS design documentation.
  7. Repeat steps 1 and 6. Read through the sample acm*.scr scripts.
  8. Try scripting something simple. Repeat step 7. Fix and test script.

Further scripting tips and sample scripts by Pugwash may be found here, .

8.5 Can I play without enemies?

Derek Smart writes: “Set AUTOGEN OFF in your script as I did in the Free Flight scenario (which I later set back to ON via a !signal in the same script). Simply look in the FF script for the AUTOGEN ON line, and comment it out or delete it. You won’t need to mess with the GLOB_AG.SCR file, either, because AUTOGEN OFF will cause that file to be ignored. Then parse the file and copy it to the relevant folder. You will STILL be attacked by hostile stations or any other AI entities, created by the game.”

8.6 Can I play as an Insurgent? Are there other ACMs?

The Mission Pak (included with the GBS archive) includes Free Flight careers for TERRAN/INSURGENT, TERRAN/RAIDER and TERRAN/TRADER. These change what targets and stations are considered friendly or hostile. They do not make substantial changes (for example, you still start in the same ship) or add any missions. Pugwash and Gallion have written additional ACMs, including an Insurgent campaign and a convoy protection script. Download them here, . To start a new ACM you must start a new career (create a new profile). Various official campaigns were created as part of the ‘Special Defence Fleet’ competitions in 1998-9, but it is not known if any of these are still available, and possible they would not work with v2.09.

8.7 Can I change the player’s ship type?

No. In BC3K the player’s main ship is always the same battlecruiser.

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