Battlecruiser 3000AD FAQ

This FAQ is a guide to the video game Battlecruiser 3000AD (“Battlecruiser 3000 A.D.”). The text has been written for Battlecruiser 3000AD version 2.09, the final version of the original game. However people attempting to play earlier versions, or even the later Battlecruiser Millennium, should find this guide useful. This FAQ is intended to complement game documentation, not replace it. The development and release of “BC3K” is notable (for all the wrong reasons) in both video game and internet history: This guide contains a detailed historical background.

  1. Preface – Author’s notes, credits, legal statement, and FAQ version.
  2. Introduction – Game information, requirements, versions, development history, and usenet flame war.
  3. Tutorial – Detailed step by step guide to getting started. Topics include Tutorial Introduction, Interface Familiarisation, Basic Navigation and Flight, Logistics, Basic Combat, Fleet Operations, Shuttles and Cargo, Trading, Planetary Operations, and Station Capture.
  4. Gameplay – Answers to common gameplay questions, covering flight, space operations, crew and support craft, cargo and trade, and planetary operations.
  5. Techniques and Strategies – Advanced techniques and alternative strategies.
  6. Advanced Campaign – Complete campaign walkthough, organised by Tour of Duty. Topics include ACM Introduction, Tour Of Duty 1, Tour Of Duty 2, Tour Of Duty 3, and Tour Of Duty 4.
  7. Xtreme Carnage – Complete walkthrough for this arcade-style play-mode.
  8. Editing and Cheating – Covers cheats, Game Builder System, and altering Battlecruiser 3000 AD.
  9. Technical Issues – Solutions to common technical problems, including Freeware version bugs and Windows XP compatibility.
  10. Appendices – Reference data, including acronyms and hidden flux field links.

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