Anno 1602/1602 AD – The Search for Ore Deposits

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4.4.1 Objectives

  • Iron mine.
  • 10x Iron in warehouse.
  • Positive account balance.

4.4.2 Resources

  • Coins: 20,000.
  • Ship: 1x Small Trading Ship, with 50t Tools, 30t Wood and 10t Food.
  • Competitors: 3, already settled.

4.4.3 Map

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||[O] [B]  [?O]     [ ]     ||
||      [O]       [ ]   [ ] ||
||    [?]                   ||
||[C]          @      [ ]   ||
||     [?] [O]     [!O] [?O]||
||[ ]       [!]             ||
||   [?O]             [?]   ||
||   [A] [ ]     [O]        ||
||[ ]               [?O]    ||
  • @ = Starting position.
  • O = Island with ore deposit.
  • ! = Probably large enough to sustain primary colony.
  • ? = Probably large enough for secondary colonies or resource gathering colonies (not needed for this scenario).
  • A = Uhlburg. Player A colony.
  • B = Puerto Pablo. Player B colony.
  • C = Ubleck. Player C colony.

4.4.4 Strategy overview

Find an island with an ore deposit that is also large enough to sustain a primary colony (perhaps the large island just to the south east of your starting position). The criteria for an Iron mine is 120 Settlers, so you’ll need to repeat much of what you have done in earlier scenarios. Slightly more Settlers than this is recommended, to help generate enough tax revenue to operate a mine. Iron mines also require Bricks, which you will need to make first. Stay focused on the objective: Don’t make things with the Iron you create, just let it stock up in your Warehouse. If, at the end, you find making the account balance hard, turn off non-essential buildings like the Iron mine and Ore smelter.

4.4.5 New concepts

New in this scenario:

  • Quarry: Quarries and Stonemasons are required to make Bricks. Quarries must be positioned at the base of mountains and large rock formations. Two Stonemasons can work the same Quarry without efficiency loss. For best effect, place the Stonemasons right in front of the Quarry, so the Stonemasons do not have far to walk. Stonemasons need road access to a Market place or Warehouse. Quarries do not need road access, just a clear walk path between them and the Stonemason(s).
  • Paved roads: You can improve the efficiency of your carts by using bricks to pave commonly used stretches of road.
  • Iron mine: Iron mines are built in the same way as Quarries, except that the mine must be placed in a mountain containing an ore deposit. The Iron mine does not specifically need road access, just a clear walk route to the mine from an Ore smelter. However, road access will allow excess stock to be taken from the mine and stored.
  • Ore smelter: Place this with a source of Ore (probably your mine) and Wood (probably a Market place) within its service area. You will see a man with a donkey go and fetch the required items to make Iron.
  • Fire department: Probably not essential to this level, but it will become an increasingly important building. Fire departments put out fires that occur within their service area. Without them, all you can do is demolish buildings that catch fire. Try to place Fire departments with good road access to the buildings they protect. Fire only occurs in housing and due to volcanoes, so there is no need to protect absolutely every building.

4.4.6 The mission does not finish when using the Dutch version. Why?

The mission description is bugged: You need 10t of Iron in your Warehouse, not the 10t of Ore stated in the description.

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