Anno 1602/1602 AD – Multiplayer

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3.10.1 How can I find online games?

Look for lists of players in the Multiplayer thread here, . There is no multiplayer network known to host the game, and no persistent servers. Instead players exchange IP addresses via online messaging services (ICQ, AIM, etc). IP addresses can be revealed by running winipcfg.exe (Win9x) or ipconfig.exe (Win2000/XP) from the command prompt, or by using services such as .

3.10.2 Can different versions be used by different players in multiplayer games?

No, all players need the same version: The US version is not compatible with United Kingdom or German version; original versions are incompatible with those that include NINA. Marc Huppke also suggests using the same version of DirectX on both computers.

3.10.3 How do you load a multiplayer saved game?

Günter writes: “It’s possible for everybody to load a multiplayer savegame in single player mode, but you can only continue to play with the host’s game. The AI players will still go on, but the other human players will stay at the saved status, can’t develop anymore and will finally retrograde due to lack of supply. If you want to continue the savegame in a new multiplayer session, it must be on the host’s PC. He will then reload it for everybody instead of selecting a new game. Depending on your line capacities and the size of the savegame, this may take several minutes during which nobody must take any action. Multiplayer savegames can be recognized in the savegame listing by the grey icon with a number inscribed at the right side of the list.”

3.10.4 How do you chat?

  • Alt + 1 = Chat to red player,
  • Alt + 2 = Chat to blue player,
  • Alt + 3 = Chat to yellow player,
  • Alt + 4 = Chat to white player,
  • Alt + 5 = Chat to all players.

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