Anno 1503/1503 AD – Desert Battle

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8.12.1 Introduction

  • Objective: Your forces must reach the twin obelisks, in the Spaniard’s fortress.
  • Rating: *
  • War-o-meter: *****
  • Competitors:
    • El Bazir (Orange)
    • Ramirez (Green)
  • Resources:
    • 50,000 coins
    • 3x Scout, 6x Crew, 11x Pikeman, 24x Crossbowman, 31x Swordman, 16x Lancer, 10x Cavalry, 2x Catapult, 2x Medic.

8.12.2 Strategy overview

Your old friend, Ramirez, from Barbarrossas’ Throne is back for one last battle. And that’s about all there is to this scenario. At the start steal Cannon and Mortars that are lurking near the “Ghost Town” just to north of your start position. A Scout can be expended to reveal the location of the enemy fortifications (to the west of your start location). Beware of the Crocodiles. Try dragging the enemy army out, and fight them away from fixed defences such as towers. To complete the scenario get at least one unit to the pair of obelisks in the centre of the enemy settlement. There is no need to destroy all enemy units.

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