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The appendix contains detailed Research Trees.

4.7.1 How do you research?

From FaithRaven: “For research you need a School and later a University. To research, you need research points (given by population and it’s level) and gold [coins].” Research points slowly build up over time at your School or University, up to a maximum level (see below). Click on the School or University to view the research options. Only one type of research can be conducted at once, as ratha notes: “When you click to do research on something, and then you click to do research on something else, you lose all your research points for the first research.”

4.7.2 How do I research above a certain level of knowledge points?

Research is limited by the population number and civilisation level, and the type of facility available. The number of facilities you have does not make a difference. Libraries add 10 research points to the total, but must be first researched at a University, and then built. To save upkeep cost, S.SubZero comments: “I built the library, got the last technology, and then deleted the library, with no ill effect.” This applies to all research – once something is known, it cannot be lost during that game. Dobber notes: “Make sure you have done all your research before going ‘all-Aristocrat’, since they do not go to school.” The following table is based on various sources, including Andj Pianto, BaldJim and Wargamerit:

Research Requirements
Maximum Knowledge Points Requirement
20 50 Settlers + School
25 170 Settlers + School
50 200 Citizens + School
70 600 Citizens + University
80 600 Citizens + University + Library
90 750 Merchants + University
100 750 Merchants + University + Library

4.7.3 Why can’t I build cannon after researching them?

There are two types of Cannon, ship and land. The initial cannon research (probably at a School) only allows ship cannon. Further research at a University is required for ground based Cannon. See What is the difference between ship and land cannon? below.

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