Anno 1503/1503 AD FAQ/Strategy Guide

This FAQ is a guide to the video game Anno 1503, also known as 1503 A.D. It also includes information about the addon/expansion, “Treasures, Monsters & Pirates”.

  1. Preface – Author’s notes, credits, legal statement, and FAQ version.
  2. Introduction – Game information, requirements, patches, and multiplayer history.
  3. Getting Started – Introduction to game Concepts, starting Strategies, and Tutorial walkthrough.
  4. Gameplay – Common gameplay questions. Topics include Setup, Interface, Climate and Resources, Roads and Storage, Colony Buildings, Colony Development and Events, Research, Trade and Diplomacy, Pirates and Natives, Ships, Military Units, and Combat.
  5. Strategies – Topics include Colony Planning and Building, Industry Planning and Building, Colony Management and Research, Trade and Diplomacy, Pirates and Natives, and Military.
  6. Campaign – Complete campaign walkthrough: Nova Fora, Barbarrossas’ Throne, Helter-Skelter, Infernal Triad, Pack-Ice, Toguldur’s Stone, New Acquaintances, Resistance, Genesis, Revenge, Quentin’s Reef, Justice, and Good or Bad.
  7. Original Scenarios – Walkthrough and strategy for scenarios in the original game: Hobson’s Choice, Ruthless Richard, Friendly Neighbors, The Bet, Playing for Time, Settlement Recipe, The King of Ore, Many Small Islands, Negative Influence, Siege, The Marquess (Marquis/Marquise), and Metropol.
  8. Treasures, Monsters & Pirates Scenarios – Walkthrough and strategy for scenarios in the expansion/addon: Scavenger Hunt, Brother against Brother, A Pirate’s Life, Ore Monopoly, A Plague of Pirates, Trade with Montana, Sole Ruler, Smugglers, Mountains of Fire, The Native Americans’ Curse, A Small World, and Desert Battle.
  9. Cheating and Editing – Cheat codes, trainers, editors, and scenario installation.
  10. Technical Issues – Solutions to common technical problems.
  11. Appendices – Topics include Building and Industry Data, Production Links, Production Efficiency, Military and Ship Data, and Research Trees.

You may also be interested in my Anno 1602 FAQ/strategy guide. I currently have no plans to write about Anno 1701.