Tim Howgego’s Curriculum Vitae

Analytic, creative, innovative, thoughtful. Native English speaker.

Trusted Analyst

  • Forecast and allocated Department for Transport’s funding of English concessionary public transport by people with disabilities, worth hundreds of millions of Pounds annually.
  • Advised on the implications of a Prime Ministerial change to United Kingdom education transport policy within hours of its suggestion.
  • Headhunted for own model for specifying public transport to new residential developments.
  • Recommended to millions of World of Warcraft gamers for the accuracy and presentation of own research into gameplay mechanics.

Creative in Business

  • Designed the method of local market business development used extensively by Stagecoach and First Groups in the late 1990s. Trained and supported staff in its use.
  • Commercialised own online writing by targeting affiliate offers to readers, to generate over $10,000 turnover per year by 2013. Investigated virtual property law and venture capital financing.
  • Pioneered use of Geographical Information Systems for the management of transport engineering proposals in the West Midlands in 1998.
  • Evolved the structure and content of an online tutorial by tracking and assessing the behaviour of millions of readers. Resulting style influenced competitors.
  • Adapted census data into a gravity model of Northern Ireland Railway journeys, when the operator’s own patronage records could not be made available.
  • Rebalanced and maintained the game economy of Mightygames’ Jumpgate. Discretely led analytical feedback to Blizzard on their profession and player economy game systems.

Human Perspective

  • Shifted legislative emphasis of public-private Quality Bus Partnerships in the (English) Transport Act 2000 from engineering to people.
  • Led social media communities (Twitter, internet forums) to foster informed feedback and manage good relations.
  • Directed team of consultants to produce consistent case studies across 10 different cities.
  • Managed and mentored a new employee who grew to become a company director.
  • Correlated survey data to show the same behavioural patterns for both physical and virtual anglers.

Academically Inquisitive

  • Earned a 1st class degree (BSc) in Transport from the University of Plymouth, UK, 1997. Included statistics and economics.
  • Research on urban capsule pipelines published as a classic paper in logistics analysis (McKinnon, Button, Kijkamp, 2002).
  • Obtained Chartered Membership (CMILT) with the Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK).
  • Studied natural philosophy, particularly metaphysics. This revealed the common theme underpinning more specific interests: Investigation of the patterns of human behaviour.

Information Technology

  • Expert in the use of spreadsheets (Excel), relational databases (MySQL, Access), and Geographic Information Systems (QGIS).
  • Competent programmer in Python and Javascript. Python for processing and analysing data from databases, APIs and scraping. Javascript since 2001 for web Apps, including mapping and journey planning.
  • Designed graphics using web (HTML/CSS/PHP), desktop publishing, bitmap and vector software. Directed and edited video for internet. Created and presented with Powerpoint.
  • Handled Big Data from bus electronic ticket machines in the 1990s and national (British) modelling of accessibility to services in 2010s.
  • Managed busy Linux server Cloud deployments. Averted hackers and spammers.
  • Evaluated website usage with Google Analytics. Optimised written online content for search and usability. Attained prime Google search positions for popular terms such as “fishing guide”.

Employment History

  • 2006-2015: Creator, El’s Extreme Anglin’ (online guide)
  • 2005-2015 (includes freelance periods): Consultant, DHC, Edinburgh (transport policy)
  • 1998-2004 (includes freelance period): Senior Consultant, TAS, Preston (public transport)
  • 1997-1998: Technical Officer, Birmingham City Council (transportation policy and programmes)
  • 1995: Service Planning, London Underground (strategic development)

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