Tim Howgego’s Resume

Perceptive, to synthesize complex patterns.
Creative, to implement innovative solutions.

Trained in transport and logistics

Earned a 1st class BSc degree from the University of Plymouth – economics, statistics, policy, maritime shipping. Researched capsule pipelines a decade before Elon Musk reinvented them. Published, and republished as a “classic” paper in logistics analysis.

Surveyed local government

Transport policy officer at Birmingham City Council. Pioneered the use of Geographical Information Systems (MapInfo/Access) for the management of transport engineering proposals across the West Midlands, which allowed duplicate ideas and issues to be quickly highlighted and resolved. Consulted with residents on highway and rail schemes. Organised UK and EU funding applications.

Navigated consultancy

The TAS Partnership, specialising in local passenger transport markets. Streamlined tools, workflow and staff training, to enable more effective project completion, which facilitated business growth and the acquisition of prestigious clients. Managed and mentored a new employee who grew to become a company director. Devised techniques to bring flawed projects to completion, such as a population gravity model of a railway network without anticipated passenger data. Headhunted for model of specifying public transport to new residential developments.

Transformed bus market development

Spearheaded deployment of analytics that combined ETM (big data) customer transactions with geospatial market demographics, communicating local growth opportunities to multinational owners (such as First and Stagecoach). Implementation successfully accommodated the needs of a rapidly agglomerating industry.

Conveyed national policy

Forecast and allocated Department for Transport’s funding of concessionary travel by people with disabilities, worth hundreds of millions of Pounds annually. Advised on the implications of a Prime Ministerial proposal for education transport within hours of its suggestion. Audited changes to the Bus Service Operators Grant, core to profitability, pooling commercially sensitive records to independently inform the industry confederation, civil service, and policy commission.

Charted partnership working

Coordinated policy research that fundamentally shifted the subsequent legislative emphasis of public-private Quality Bus Partnerships in the Transport Act 2000, from engineering to people. Wrote practitioner guidance. Addressed conferences. Arbitrated the associated competition legislation opt-out.

Tracked accessibility

Prepared, with Derek Halden, the national accessibility indicators, specifying the model, and processing the outputs (Python/SQL with Geoserver frontend). Won a Scottish Transport Applications and Research award for proposals to evolve the concept of Park-and-Ride in rural areas. Attained Chartered Membership of the Institute of Logistics and Transport. Organised their Scottish “young professional” conference. Guided Edinburgh tech’ startups through local transport data and associated “Mobility as a Service” business development – including the nascent, now world-leading, Skyscanner.

Went fishing

Guided virtual anglers by creating a tutorial and reference read by millions, which generated up to $10,000 turnover/year via affiliate marketing. Engineered (Python/PHP/MySQL) backend to manage regularly changing information and maintain quality. Deployed on Linux and later Cloud. Designed Responsive/Accessible layout. Optimised content for usability and search, achieving prime Google listings. Storyboarded and produced (Vegas) video viewed by almost half a million. Led social media communities (Twitter/forums). Correlated physical and virtual behavioural patterns to establish the transferability of concepts between markets.

Mapped Spain

Interpreted an unfamiliar society through its organisation of transport. Characterised Catalunya’s model of public competition, challenging the EU‘s econometric approach. Modelled Spanish railway connectivity to expose different regional expectations and predict political reactions. Coded an App’ and library (Javascript) to dynamically map public transport networks from any location, including tools to import GTFS data and quantify the results numerically.

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