Family, Autumn 1977


Born Timothy Charles Howgego, 15:45 UTC 25 September 1975, at 51.226,-0.182, which is just south of London, United Kingdom. Metadated 204228633. Howgego is pronounced how-gay-go and associates to low-lying coastal areas of northern Europe. Raised and schooled in Caterham, of KYTV and Cars fame. Wandered across Britain – Plymouth, Birmingham, Preston, Edinburgh. Explored Azeroth, and now observe the slow fragmentation of Europe.

Still, “stumbling into things and following my curiosity”, to quote Howard Rheingold. Became an expert on capsule pipelines two decades before Elon Musk. Worked as an analyst and advisor at the pinnacle of public transport policy in late-1990s Britain, shaping Blairite policy before the fall. Created the internet’s most popular fishing guide, but in the end I couldn’t even eat. Still trying to understand the basics. May I present my life schooling in business-friendly bullet points?