“Stumbling into things and following my curiosity.” – Howard Rheingold

Transport and Beyond

Tim Howgego

I’m creatively analytical: Good at both interpreting issues and conceptualising solutions. I developed many of the techniques applied to business development across the United Kingdom’s bus industry, steering operators towards greater focus on the needs of their customers. I researched and wrote British government guidance on partnerships in public transport, and influenced policy on the topic.

I researched the history and application of a particularly unusual form of transport – capsule pipelines.

I’m always looking to leverage benefits from new technology. In 1997 I was one of the first people in British local government to use Geographical Information Systems for strategic planning. It revolutionised management understanding of proposals.

It is therefore perhaps no surprise that I now spend time trying to understand the potential application of things like metaverse technology on the economy, society, and life in general. Transport and communications technology both serve similar functions, but very few people are prepared to think outside the narrow silos that define each, and see the potential of one to replace the other.

You can read my professional Curriculum Vitae here.

Online Career

My grasp of reality is fairly weak and failing with age. I have played a lot of video games, and enjoy obsessively documenting them. By far my most popular work was El’s Extreme Anglin’, the definitive guide to fishing in the online game, World of Warcraft. It has been read by over a million people, and forms part of an unusual virtual business model called Learn2Play.

I’m a bit of a geek, and tend to develop internet-orientated skills long before they are recognised as useful. For example, as a senior editor of the open directory project I not only learnt to work within one of the first non-technical mass-collaborative virtual organisations, but also learnt more about search engine optimisation that many of the “experts” have. I helped run a little-known online gaming pioneer called Jumpgate, including unofficial roles as lead tester and game economy re-designer.

Although I have been writing on the ‘web since the last century, I only started ‘blogging in 2007. It was half way through a drunken conversation with Jim Pubrick, that the penny dropped. In one possible future, the data for every facet of my existence would be recorded, ready to be played back instantly. So perhaps I should start to get used to the idea my life – my thoughts, at least – belonging to the world around me? The implication of every facet of everyone being recorded is that nobody even has the time to fully consider their own record, let alone anyone else’s. So most information will be lost in a sea of information. Yet there is a chance that the best parts will find a wider audience. Most of my ideas are terrible, but some are good. And I can’t tell what’s what.


The best complement anyone can ever pay me is, after several years of ‘knowing’ me, to announce that they still don’t know me any better than the day they first met me.

I was born in the United Kingdom and haven’t restricted myself to any one part of it ever since. London, Plymouth, Birmingham, Preston, Edinburgh: Maybe I’m on a life-long circular tour? I am the child of Ray and Pat. I have a sister named Catherine (Mugisha), who works in international development as an education advisor on “fragile” states. She is currently based in Pakistan. ‘Howgego’ is believed to originate from Eastern Europe, possibly meaning ‘dyke builder’. Ironically the only other British ‘Timothy Howgego’ also worked in the United Kingdom transport sector. Small world.